Travel gear

Here is a 'living list' of what I've bought for my travels and how it's working out for me. I'll keep updating it as I travel and use everything. The links below are to Amazon, mostly because I make money if you click on them, BUT before I buy anything I do a product search on Google to make sure Amazon is currently the cheapest.

My bag: 

The Ospery Fairview 55 Women's Backpack, Amazon around £120


Pros: I LOVE my bag. When I was researching I found the main thing travellers liked was a bag that opened like a suitcase. This bag does that, it's really comfortable to wear as it's been designed specifically for ladies. Also it's a pretty colour. It has a day bag attached to it so you could reattach that for air travel and get away with travelling with an extra bag.

Cons: After asking for this bag as my family Christmas present a friend told me that the one thing she wished she'd had while she was travelling was a bag with wheels. Ospery also do bags with wheels that incorporate everything I love about my own wheel-less sack.