6 months to go, my budget woe(s)

Six months to go until I leave the UK to do… something… somewhere… Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Where am I going?

At this point I have bought a ticket to Bangkok in June and planned a tour of the Red Centre in Australia in October. Everything else is up for grabs. I'm hoping to stay in South East Asia until October, then head to Australia, then New Zealand and see how much money I have left.

I am VERY aware of the weather. British Summer Time means Monsoon Season for most of South East Asia. I know that I am going to steer well clear of the Philippines and their Typhoon Season, that I need to go to Cambodia sooner rather than later, that Thailand and Vietnam are still okay during their wet seasons and that Indonesia is completely different and supposed to have great weather for the whole time I’m out. I organise stuff for a living so it’s very tempting to plan my entire trip, but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to “live in the moment” and “stay places as long as I “need to.”” It’s going to be all spiritual and spontaneous and stuff, you just wait.


Louise Delphine Caroline Therese Comerford was an incredible woman, she was born in the South of France in 1926. The Italian side of her family attempted to kidnap her when she was four. She travelled on a boat from France to England through the U-boat infested Straits of Gibraltar during World War Two. In 1944 the British Army would not accept her application, because of her Italian mother, so she joined the Free French instead. She was taken out to dinner by Charles De Gaulle. She was also my Nana.

Nana passed away a few years ago. The above is the tip of a Nana shaped iceberg of stories, but I couldn’t just say ‘a relative left me some money and now I’m going travelling’. Nana left me some money, £5k to be exact, it went into my housing deposit fund and now it’s coming back out and I’m going travelling. I feel like Nana would approve, and probably worry quite a lot, but all she wanted was for her family to be happy. I think about her every day and feel like she’s with me as I plan the incredible adventure she has made possible.

Touching tributes aside, I will also be saving like crazy for the next six months. I will pay my 2017-2018 tax before I leave the country, six months earlier than I normally would (ouch) but hopefully I’ll still have an extra grand or so to go into the travel pot.


Flights are a big cost, but I know how many I am likely to take, can make an educated guess at how much they’ll be...

London to Bangkok- £320 (I saved some money on here, there’ll be a blog about this)

*Possibly* Bangkok to Sri Lanka, round trip - £250

*Probably* Kuala Lumpur to Sydney – I’ve found flights for £130 in October… it’s SO CHEAP for an eight hour flight that I’m tempted to buy it now and make it work.

Sydney to Ayers Rock, round trip - £322ish I should really book that soon, and I should look at it as £160 each way and I should stop thinking ‘Oh my god Australia is so expensive! How is that the most expensive thing I’ve done so far?! Stupid, beautiful, massive, expensive, interesting country that I really want to see more of!’

*Probably* Sydney to Auckland – So, I’ve found a flight for £127 in late October 2018, BUT I won’t book this one until close to the time I want to travel, probably around the time my friend Kate tells me to bugger off. However if I booked the flight for a fortnight’s time it’s still only £250. So I’ll budget £300 for that.

And then… if I’m out of money I’ll probably come back.

Auckland to London- That’s an entire day in the air, probably more! Anyway, if I booked a fortnight in advance, at this time of year, which it is likely to be, the average price is £715. So let’s say £800 set aside for actually getting home.

Flights budget- £2,122

I just worked that out for the first time. That’s quite a lot isn’t it? If I go to Sri Lanka my outgoings will be next to nothing, (I'll write a blog about that), so that £250 can come out of my accommodation and food budget… even so.. £2k on flights… okay! Good to know.


With that in mind I’m going to stop my ‘But South East Asia’s really cheap right?’ train of thought and do some actual maths.

Most of the blogs out there suggest $35 a day for a solo traveller. I can recommend Goats on the Road, which had a brilliant article, it broke down the expected daily budget by country. 

$35 a day is $1050 a month or £780 once converted to GBP.

So… I have enough to travel for three months.

Okay then.

I’ll add another cheeky month in there because of my Sri Lanka plans. But still I have a problem. My money gets me to expensive, expensive Australia and then that’s it. And beautiful, expensive, picturesque, expensive New Zealand will be so tantalisingly close!

I’m not going to decimate my savings, I’m not going to decimate my savings (she says, rocking backwards and forwards) so I need to make my money go further. Or I need to save more. Or I need to earn more? Six months to go... CLIFFHANGER!!!!


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