LOCAL AUTHOR Helen Comerford has fallen foul of the PMS (Pro Mustard Society). Protesters massed in front of her north London flat today to demonstrate against Comerford's novel Afterlife which the group believes to have anti-mustard-rhetoric.

'This novel has anti-mustard-rhetoric' Ms K. Hup (48) explained. 'There are too many works of so called art in today's culture which use mustard as a scapegoat. It's an easy target. It's the 21st century's punching bag. And we of PMS believe it must be protected.'

Chants of:

'Mustard good, Prejudice bad'

'Don't Stomach Hate!'


'The Truth about mustard is ingrain(ed)'

have echoed down the leafy street since the early hours, whilst a forest of placards decorated in pro-mustard slogans have trapped the author in her home.

Earlier today, in an exclusive telephone interview, Comerford had this to say-

'They're protesting what? Why? And this is a real thing?'

A very revealing comment from the besieged writer.

We, at the Hornsey Herald, do not know how long this protest will continue or who will triumph in this clash of ideologies, but you can follow the story as we live tweet under #PMS.