Which Dinosaur are you?

When you have a hit it always takes a while to build up the confidence to follow it up. Sequels eh? But now the wait is over! After my smash hit, soul defining quiz 'Which bird are you?' you can now, finally, find out which dinosaur you truly are...


1. You hear the roar of an approaching predator what do you do?

A. Run away. THEN Ring the army. THEN Watch from a safe distance.

B. Head out to meet it. Predators are often misunderstood. Maybe it just wants to be friends?

C. Become one with your surroundings. How can it find you if you were never here...?

D. Blind it with a flash from your compact mirror and make good your escape.

E. Take it out! Who's got a rocket launcher I can borrow?


2. You are stuck on a small island inhabited by other dinosaurs, anarchic scientists and the occasional tourist. What three items would you bring?

A. Well probably a map, a torch and Bear Grylls.

B. No, I think I’ll stay at home. 

C. A plastic sheet. It's all you really need to survive in the wild.

D. My straighteners, my tweezers and I do have a pair of trainers, they’re sparkly.  

E. A knife, fork and spoon. And napkin. I'm going to have four things.


3. What colour Power Ranger would you be?

A. Blue

B. Orange

C. Red

D. Pink

E. Green


4. What's your favourite cultural depiction of dinosaurs?

A. I was a big fan of Dippy at the Natural History museum. We miss you Dippy!

B. The purple one, Barney.

C. Jurassic Park. 'Clever girl'.

D. Nessie, she’s got style.

E. Godzilla. Or Crocosaurus. Has there been a crossover movie yet?


5. What do you fancy doing this weekend? I'm paying...

A. An escape the room please.

B. Go to a debate at the House of Commons? Jokes! Can we go play on the swings?

C. Obstacle course! With running! And monkey bars! And ropes! And mud!

D. Spa day!!!

E. All you can eat challenges. All of them.


6. Which are your favourite pair of shoes?

A. My Doc Martens, really they're worth the price and you can wear them for everything. 

B. My red ones.

C. My Fivefinger running shoes- you know, the ones that look like gloves for your feet? 

D. My Manolo Blahniks.

E. I am not going to pick. I love all my shoes equally and I have many.


7. What would you like for Christmas?

A. A big fluffy dressing gown.

B. Cheese.

C. 1. Nun chucks. 2. Nun chuck training.

D. Spa Day!!!

E. Home gym equipment and protein shakes.


And the results:


Mostly As

Congratulations you are a Brachiosaurus. You are a Sauropod, just like Dippy! You like leaves which is fair, dislike hills which is sensible and have a very long neck which is just great.

Mostly Bs


Who’s got two thumbs and a face that looks like a duck? This guy! Yep, you're an Ouranosaurus! You were one of the slowest moving dinos and you keep your teeth in your cheek. That’s okay though because you’re also a land dwelling animal who has a sail! LOL! Keep on keeping on Ouranosaurus!

Mostly Cs


Yes you’re a Borealopelta. You look a little bit like a hippo that someone has decorated, WITH ARMOUR! No one has ever managed to get a photo of you, probably because you can also CAMOUFLAGE YOURSELF?! How can they take your picture if you were never here...?

Mostly Ds


Well look at you! You’re a Mauisaurus! You also have a long neck but the low level lighting in the middle of the ocean is super flattering. If we're going to get "technical" you're not "technically" and "dinosaur", you're a Plesiosaur, but you've got so many teeth you can be whatever you want to be! And you were named after the legendary Maui! You’re welcome!

Mostly Es


Thought you were going to be a T-Rex didn’t you? Well you’re not. You’re a Spinosaurus and that’s EVEN BIGGER! You outweigh the T-Rex by a ton and a half. Your face looks like a crocodile and you have a sail, even though you live on land, which is AWESOME!