A Short History of the Christian Order Party

Please study this timeline. I will be testing you on it next week.

Mr Lucas

A Short History of the Christian Order Party.

July 2005: The Christian Order Party (COP) is formed in the wake of the 07/07 bombings. The founders believe the secular government and current hotpot of religions has caused Terrorism and Britain would flourish by reinforcing its position as a Christian State. The founders agree that at the very least there should be a strong Christian voice in government.

2005 – 2008: Membership grows to 10,000. The COP leaders’ campaign ‘Equal in the Eyes of God’ lobbies to raise minimum wage and abolish the House of Lords.

March 2008: The first COP MP is elected to government in a Bedfordshire by-election.

2008 – 2010: Membership grows to 30,000. The COP leaders’ campaign to ‘Heal Britain with Christian Love.’ They fight to protect the NHS and start restoring derelict buildings in the Home Counties.

GENERAL ELECTION May 2010: The Home Counties have become the COP heartland and, with this support, the COP wins twenty seats in parliament becoming a powerful minority party.

2010 – 2015: Membership grows to 90,000. The COP continue to use ‘Equality’ and ‘Christianity’ to gain support as the other parties bicker and point score. A campaign to make paying men and women different wages for doing the same job illegal, increases their female membership tenfold.

GENERAL ELECTION May 2015: The COP become the fourth biggest party in Government.

June 2016: The COP campaign for Britain to leave the European Union. The leave campaign wins by a landslide. The process of ejecting non-British nationals begins.

January 2017: John III takes over the leadership of the party. He is charismatic, an oratory genius and only 27 years old. He is hailed as a modern day saint. His deputy is a gentle older woman, Theresa Jones, she is already fondly known as ‘Mother Theresa’ because of her work in the charity sector.

2017 – 2020: Membership grows to 275,000. John III and Mother Theresa travel the country winning support for the COP in the lead up to the 2020 General Election.

May 2020: Canterbury Cathedral is blown up by suicide bombers. Two hundred people are killed. Muslim extremists are blamed.

GENERAL ELECTION May 2020: The COP become the third largest party in government. The Labour leader, Linda Taylor, approaches John III to ask if the COP will form a coalition government. John III agrees and becomes the Deputy Prime Minister.

2020 – 2022: The COP work with Labour to improve schools and churches. The number of Church run social programmes increases. The number of non-Christian immigrants are restricted.

May 2022: Prime Minister Linda Taylor dies in a plane crash. John III becomes the Prime Minister. Britain continues to flourish using the Church to reduce homelessness.

GENERAL ELECTION May 2025: John III and the COP are re-elected by a landslide and become the sole party in power.

December 2027: The Christmas Bombings. There are a series of explosions in major cities over the twelve days of Christmas. John III is given emergency powers. To create more funds for fighting terror the House of Lords is abolished and the other political parties are absorbed into the COP.

January 2028: The Christian Order Police, soon nicknamed the COPPERS, grow from the remnants of MI5 with the express purpose of fighting terrorism.

May 2028: King William voluntarily abdicates and the Royal Family is abolished. Full power over the military is given to the government. Buckingham Palace is turned into affordable housing.

January 2029: Britain becomes a solely Protestant state. Other religions are outlawed. Those who will not convert are asked to leave. Schools introduce compulsory morning worship. The COPPERS expand their remit to searching for those continuing to practise other religions, those caught are given official warnings.

June 2030: Weymouth Camp set up for those awaiting deportation for practising illegal religions. Southampton Camp is set up shortly after.

March 2035: The assassination of John III. Muslim extremists are blamed. Mother Theresa takes over as leader of the country and immediately introduces the death penalty for crimes against the state.

2035 -2065: Britain continues to work towards becoming a Christian Utopia under with the guidance of Mother Theresa and the protection of the COPPERS.