EVEY An Afterlife and #CreativeCommute short story

As part of the #CreativeCommute Challenge I wrote this story. It features a main character from Afterlife earlier in her life. 

Journey: St James Street to St Pauls (London) and back again

Time: 52 minutes



Evey is in the front garden. She is chasing a butterfly. She is giggling as she totters down the path. The butterfly is blue. Evey likes blue. Evey likes all the colours. She likes to draw with her big sister. Mary is much better at staying in the lines, but Evey loves the colours more. She gets lost in them as she draws and forgets she's supposed to be colouring a house or pony or whatever it is that is placed in front of her. It's more fun to swirl and scribble and mix the colours into a beautiful storm. 

The butterfly flutters down the front path and Evey follows. It flies up above her head and she tries to keep watching as she runs. Evey falls landing on her hands and knees. She considers crying. Her hands hurt! Then she sees a pair of black shoes in front of her.

They are tall shoes with laces that wind round and round at the top. There are legs sticking out of the shoes wearing black trousers with lots of pockets. There’s a belt above the trousers where a blacky pointy thing, that Evey doesn’t recognise, is strapped. The body above the belt leans over.

'You alright?'

Evey looks up. The person doesn’t have a face! They have a round, black, shiny thing where their smile should be. Her small eyes widen in shock. The person reaches for their head and opens it! He lifts a bit up and Evey can see his eyes, they look nice.

'Did you hurt yourself?'

Evey shakes her head. 

'Okay. Well we need to talk to your neighbour so you should go inside.'

Evey stares at the man. He has something written on his black top. C for cat, O for orange, P for pink...

'Come on.'

Evey takes the gloved hand and allows herself to be led to her house.

The man turns to go.

'Bye bye.' he says, 'Be good.'

Evey nods, but, instead of going in, she stands behind the big pot on their front step and watches between the leaves of the plant.

The man goes down her path and beckons to a black van. A door opens and lots of people wearing black pour out. None of them have faces. They all carry pointy things.

Evey watches as they flow around the house across the road, some go around the back, some stay around the sides, some go to the front door. There is a pause, then someone pushes the doorbell.

It goes ding dong.

'Ding dong'  Evey says quietly. Ding dong is a song too but she can't remember the words. She tries to hum it. Then someone from the house across road answers the door. It's Jo's mummy. She's wearing a pink dressing gown.

The man in black say something to Jo's mummy and she shakes her head. She tries to shut the door but the man kicks it back open. The people in black surge into the house, pushing Jo's mummy backwards.

Evey shrinks down behind her plant as she hears Jo's mummy scream. Then Jo starts crying. There's banging and crashing. There's smashing as the people in black crack windows to pieces to get into the house.

Then the noise stops. The people in black come back out of the house. They're dragging things. A big thing with a pink dressing gown, a bigger thing wearing jogging bottoms. A thing the same size as Evey wearing yellow pyjamas. None of them have faces. There are black things on everyone’s head.

As the van drives away the blue butterfly lands on a leaf in front of Evey. She looks past it to the house across the road. The door hangs crooked, still swinging. The house across the road is broken and empty now.

Evey is sad. But she doesn’t know what to do, so after the butterfly has fluttered away and after the door has stopped swinging, she goes inside.


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