Want to join the #CreativeCommute Challenge?

Don’t let your commute be the worst part of your day. Take back your time!

I actually wrote the first draft of my novel during my commute, tapping away on my phone and sending it to myself in emails. It was a wonderful way to spend travel time, I was always slightly disappointed when I had to get off my packed rush hour tube.

So the #CreativeCommute Challenge…

Write something during your commute- if you spend 5 minutes on a bus write a haiku, if you get the train from Brighton to London write a novella. You probably shouldn’t join in if you drive or cycle… although that’s great plotting time.

List it under #CreativeCommute and tweet a link of your work. The official Twitter page is @_CreativeComm, but tweet me too @helenjoc. I’d love to have a read and a retweet! If you don't have your own blog then you can post your work on the #CreativeCommute Facebook page. I'd love to feature some on my blog too, as guest posts.

Make sure you list your journey and your travel time.

Anything goes, you could write a scene for a play or a poem! 

Yes. You are allowed to spell check and edit outside your commute time.

Go forth and be creative!

Helen x 

Here’s one I made earlier…

Journey: Along the Central line (London)

Travel time: 16 minutes

This is a little bit of silliness I wrote on the tube after a pigeon tried to take me out... You don't have to put it on a picture- I just had some spare time at home... and Photoshop.

***STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING*** There's a little bit of strong language below, but surely that's to be expected when writing about pigeons...